Christmas 2009: #12 Victorian Stroll

Thursday night on a little street called Broadway: We've decided that we're going to pull out all the stops this Christmas. No short cuts. No fake trees {fake to us means pre-cut}. No missed opportunities for holiday cheer. On our list of "to-dos":
1. Cut our own tree
2. Visit Santa
3. Watch all the classic Christmas movies {Elf down, 455 left to go}
4. See the "big tree" in NYC, skate at Rockafeller Center, visit FAO
5. Donate to a family in need
6. Pull out all the decorations
7. Host Christmas Eve dinner
8. Sing carols {often and, as far as I'm concerned, badly}
9. Make a snowman {check}
10. Go sledding
11. Send Christmas cards
12. Go to the Victorian Stroll {check}
13. Attend Midnight Mass
14. Get Advent calendars for the kids {check}
15. Make Christmas cookies {check}

I know I'm forgetting something... so this list may grow.

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