Play House

One summer when I was a kid I was shipped to my Aunt & Uncle's house for my first vacation away from my parents and to help out with their new baby {I'm pretty sure that I was not that helpful, though... sorry Aunt J!}. I came home that summer to a brand new "tree house" that my father had built while I was away. Although there was no tree involved, it was one story off the ground and was the best tree house I had ever seen. It had a roof and three open sides, a ladder and monkey bars. There wasn't much else too it, but it was my castle. I think I spent my entire summers in that tree house and on most warm nights I would hang old sheets* on the three open sides so that I could sleep out there. Over the years that tree house became a school room, a pirate ship, an army fort and countless other imaginary places that my brother's and I would dream up.
Things have been a little on hold for us over the last couple of years, but when we finally move into a new house, our kids will get a castle of their own. This playhouse from miko design is great inspiration.
*Now that I think about it, it's possible those sheets were not that old.... sorry mom!


Ahoy! Part II

Remember these invites I said I loved? Well, you can find the rest of the super-swell party here and here.


Weekend Warriors

On this weekend's agenda was a pool party in honor of our friend, Annie's fifth birthday, a trip to the local fair and a birthday dinner for Poppy. The sun was hot {finally}, the water was cool and the fun was, well, non-stop. Our no-nap Saturday began with a walk to our favorite bagel shop and a stop by our local farmer's market before spending the majority of the afternoon at the pool party. The day ended with the three of us passed out together in our bed by 7:30pm {a special treat since G was out of town at my brother's bachelor party weekend}. Poppy's birthday celebration on Sunday followed our morning of carnival rides, a visit to the petting zoo, and hot dogs and lemonade at the fair. The evening party was pool-side and Grammy made sure the celebration was sweet with our favorite cupcakes from Lakeside Farms.
The pattern for Annie's handmade doll came from here.


Wilderness Therapy

"Hope and the future for me are not in lawns and cultivated fields, not in towns and cities, but in the impervious and quaking swamps." - Thoreau

Two weekends ago we dropped the kids off with Grammy & Poppy and, despite ominous skies, made our way upstate to a small town where most businesses rent inflateable tubes - even in the rain. We stopped at a time-worn video rental shop/tanning salon/hair salon where we rented and then strapped to the roof eight inflated, blue tubes {with beverage holders, of course}. We grabbed cold beverages at the local Stewarts {to fill said beverage holders} before making our way to a lonely gravel parking lot on the outside edge of town.
After a short, slippery hike we found ourselves and our tubes at the based of a dam on the Sacandaga River. It was officially raining and the sky was blanketed with dark clouds by the time we all had situated ourselves in our tubes {with beverages} and pushed off into the swollen river. Despite the weather {or maybe because of it}, we had several incredibly fun hours navigating the rapids and doldrums of the river, lost and then regained a beverage or two {and several members of our fleet} and ended the trip chilly but energized at an output on the confluence of the Mohawk and Sacandaga Rivers. It was an amazing day with friends and family and we left vowing to do it again, soon. Even if it rains...


Ideal Bookshelf

This print would look great in a nursery. Especially near a bookshelf lined with the actual books. The artist included one of our favorite books, Olivia.



We love bubbles at our house. But, we can never seem to keep them from spilling. Have you noticed how expensive good bubbles are these days?! Martha to the rescue with a recipe and instructions for DIY bubbles. Image from here.