Rain, rain...

With what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain this summer, I'm trying to remind myself that rain can be beautiful. Images from this photographer are helping. Here's hoping for a sunny Saturday {and dare I even hope for a sunny Sunday, too?}...



Considering it's only July, and both of our children are under five, you'd think that homework would be the furthest thing from my mind. But, JB starts kindergarten in September. Typical of my relationship with homework, I feel completely unprepared and have to admit that the whole thing kind of snuck up on me {denial}. And now we have to make a decision that will irrevocably determine the path of the rest of his life {Ok, maybe I'm being dramatic, but that's what it feels like} and pick a school. I have to ask, am I really qualified to make this decision?

Articles like this one are not helping the matter. Homework in kindergarten? Really? At least the author knew to even ask the question!

The truth is that we chose a school in June. I was confident when we made the decision, but I still find myself checking out other options almost daily {Oh, that one has a better lunch program - free range turkey sandwiches with whole grain organic bread?! Wait, what about this one that is closer to home? And this one doesn't require endless hours of parental volunteer work... that would be nice, considering I work full time.}.

Wow. That's a scary glimpse into my clearly misguided priorities. Food. Location. Less work. I told you I wasn't qualified to make this decision.

Last week, we got a letter in the mail from JB's new teacher. It included an introduction, schedules for orientation, a school supply list and...... homework. Due August 1st. Before school even starts {which, incidentally, isn't making it into the mail until today}. All of this has me wishing that I could be home more and work less {or not at all}. Then it would matter less where he went because he'd still be spending most of the day with me. And homework would definitely not be on the agenda.


Ahoy, again...

Seriously cute knitted toy patterns found at Twins {cheap, too!}. I think I may try the aliens...

Welcome to our ool.

Saturday included a cookout, ice cream and a full-on, no-holds-barred water fight. Oh... and the kids had a good time, too. In fact, JB did his first-ever front flip into the pool. No practicing, no hesitating. Just ready, set, flip. {He was showing off for a girl. At four and a half. We are in serious trouble, my friends.}

Image found via fffound.


Strawberry Fields Forever?

This June we decided to take the long-cut and pick-our-own Strawberries...
and braved the hot sun, admired the apple orchards {and looked forward to returning in the fall}, picked berries from an endless field, marveled at the taste, texture and juiciness of the fresh fruit, made new friends, learned about our new favorite local farm and returned home thirsty, but with full bellies.
The following day we filled our cellar shelves with jam and had enough fruit left over to make Mr. Smith a somewhat runny, but still pretty darn good, strawberry-rhubarb pie {note to self: next time account for the extra-juicy fruit}.


Clean up

My sister-in-law, Lo {short for Lolo, which is short for long, long story I've long since forgotten}, is the Queen of Clean. I envy this trait and often wish I could bottle her fervor for cleanliness and keep it all for myself. If I could, it would look like this. The packaging for J.R. Watkins products almost makes you want to clear your weekend schedule to clean.... almost.



I remember when I wouldn't think twice about climbing the tallest tree I could find and cartwheels came easily without fear of injury. In fact, it wasn't that long ago that I was simutaneously learning to sail solo and fly a twin prop {with serious intentions to get certified to scuba dive and learn to skydive}. Between meetings, commuting, cleaning, teaching, cooking and a million other things, I sometimes find myself wondering where that person went.

Yesterday at the park JB quickly made his way to the top of one of those metal dome climbers while his sister cheered him on. He didn't even blink until he was almost 12 feet in the sky with his feet dangling towards earth. With a hint of fear in his voice he asked me to stand under him so that he could hang down and jump into my arms.

As soon as I put him safely on solid ground he said, "Mom! That was so scary! BUT, SO COOL!".

Thank you, JB, for reminding me to be fearless.


A Peony for Your Thoughts?

I've got weddings {and all the festivites surrounding them} on the brain. Peonies are one of my two all-time favorite flowers. This centerpiece project from Once Wed is super simple and picture perfect. Go here to learn how to DIY.

It Was That Type of Birthday

I've been coveting one of these for some time now...

And thanks to G&K, the King and Queen of antiquing, I'm now the proud owner of this one. So begins my love affair with my Corona {Not to be confused with My Sharona and different from my husband's love affair with his Corona}. Other presents included: Flowers, a new iPod & a cleaning service. All a girl could ask for. It was a good birthday.


Ahoy, little Matey

I love this invite found at Twig & Thistle. You can bet your sea legs that I'll be using that cute sewn envelope and label idea in the future.

Gone Camping...

When I camp, I want it to look like this. Via Make Room For Living