My Next Hobby

How freaking cute are these? Seriously? I get the Daily Candy email and today's featured a new shop called Grana & Mau that sells hand embroidered awesomeness. I LOVE these bloomers. Anyway... the e-mail reminded me of my recent found love of all things hand embroidered. My new old standby is Fidget. The owner of the shop, Amanda, has done several hand embroidered goodies for me.
Here is the latest:
I can't help but add one more of the shops I've discovered on my travels through Etsy. It's a new one I just found but I love the onsies they are selling. The shop is called ERG originals. And here's my pick from them:

Happy Thursday everyone!


Dog Days of Summer

We had a true summer weekend... popsicles, pools and a bar-b-que (or two). It was HOT in Upstate New York. Hot and muggy. It reminded me of my summers in Baton Rouge.

We pulled out the kiddie pool and filled it with too-cold water from the hose. The kids had a blast and Libby {above} couldn't resist a splash through pool, either.

During naptime I was worked on my new hobby -- sewing. I found an online store for awesome kids clothes that I love called Flour Clothing, but they sold out of my favorite top within hours of putting it in their shop. So I tested my newly found sewing skills on creating my own version. It turned out okay, but not as nice as theirs. Here's a picture of their top:
Perfect top for a picnic on a hot day.