Play House

One summer when I was a kid I was shipped to my Aunt & Uncle's house for my first vacation away from my parents and to help out with their new baby {I'm pretty sure that I was not that helpful, though... sorry Aunt J!}. I came home that summer to a brand new "tree house" that my father had built while I was away. Although there was no tree involved, it was one story off the ground and was the best tree house I had ever seen. It had a roof and three open sides, a ladder and monkey bars. There wasn't much else too it, but it was my castle. I think I spent my entire summers in that tree house and on most warm nights I would hang old sheets* on the three open sides so that I could sleep out there. Over the years that tree house became a school room, a pirate ship, an army fort and countless other imaginary places that my brother's and I would dream up.
Things have been a little on hold for us over the last couple of years, but when we finally move into a new house, our kids will get a castle of their own. This playhouse from miko design is great inspiration.
*Now that I think about it, it's possible those sheets were not that old.... sorry mom!

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