I remember when I wouldn't think twice about climbing the tallest tree I could find and cartwheels came easily without fear of injury. In fact, it wasn't that long ago that I was simutaneously learning to sail solo and fly a twin prop {with serious intentions to get certified to scuba dive and learn to skydive}. Between meetings, commuting, cleaning, teaching, cooking and a million other things, I sometimes find myself wondering where that person went.

Yesterday at the park JB quickly made his way to the top of one of those metal dome climbers while his sister cheered him on. He didn't even blink until he was almost 12 feet in the sky with his feet dangling towards earth. With a hint of fear in his voice he asked me to stand under him so that he could hang down and jump into my arms.

As soon as I put him safely on solid ground he said, "Mom! That was so scary! BUT, SO COOL!".

Thank you, JB, for reminding me to be fearless.

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