Oh, Baby...

I've got baby envy. And it's bad.
Last month at my brother's wedding the bridemaid that stood next to me was ready to give birth at any moment. MK was enthralled with her belly {"Mommy! What's IN HER BELLY?!" Why is it so big?} and I was jealous....

UGH! Jealous of what?! Jealous of feeling like you're hiding a tractor-trailer in your abdomen? Jealous of swollen feet shoved into high-heels? Jealous of waves of nauseousness every time the baby feels a need to stretch a little? Well, uh... yeah, actually.

I've got it bad.

And now I'm feeding this craziness {utter insanity!} by perusing the inspiration boards over at Serena & Lily.

To do list:
1. Get a baby
2. Get a couple extra {thousand} bucks to build nursery of dreams

My sane self is having a heart-attack right now.

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