My Next Hobby

How freaking cute are these? Seriously? I get the Daily Candy email and today's featured a new shop called Grana & Mau that sells hand embroidered awesomeness. I LOVE these bloomers. Anyway... the e-mail reminded me of my recent found love of all things hand embroidered. My new old standby is Fidget. The owner of the shop, Amanda, has done several hand embroidered goodies for me.
Here is the latest:
I can't help but add one more of the shops I've discovered on my travels through Etsy. It's a new one I just found but I love the onsies they are selling. The shop is called ERG originals. And here's my pick from them:

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Hey- I'm right there with you! I just found your blog and like myself I think I'm writing to an imaginary audience. I'm enjoying etsy as well and love all things handmade. It is so much more special! I am into sewing already and have a cute little easy outfit I can share with you if you would like. It is made with a onesie. I would love for you to visit my blog and shop and check it out.


    One more question. Do you hold an LLC for your business. I'm trying to see if I need to get one.

    Thanks for your blog.